Oh Boy, A Blog Attempt

Hello friends, welcome to my corner of the internet.

I know what you must be thinking (well I don’t actually, but I want you to be thinking it so that I can make commentary on it) – Another self-righteous-but-also-stupid teenager who wants to be an aesthetic blogger and artsy influencer and post about mindfulness and the detoxifying properties of green tea.

And you would be partially correct.

In fact, the only thing incorrect about that sentence is that I’d post about mindfulness and detoxifying tea. The rest is probably accurate. But anyway, that is besides the point. The important thing to remember is that I am a fancy Deakin student and I have a lot of opinions. So, when I DO post, they’ll probably be reasonably interesting. So you should probably follow me on Twitter (@AlanaMFoster1) to get updates on when I make a blog post.

If reading isn’t your cup of tea, you can also listen to me ramble about things that are important to me but objectively don’t matter on my Youtube Channel, LlamLlams. Which, if you enjoy mildly entertaining content and/or mediocre-at-best art, you should probably subscribe to.

Anywho, shameless self-plugging aside, I hope that you’ll stick around and see what this privileged, edgy, white teenage girl has to say – if for nothing else, then to judge me. Please be sure to leave comments or contact me; I love some good old communication and discussion.

Just some of my stuffed animals – absolutely no intruders here

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