Hi, I’m Alana! :)

In this video, I take a moment to properly introduce myself, discuss my course and reveal some of my hobbies and passions

In this introduction video I aimed to portray myself as fun, imaginative and educated. I wanted to ensure that I’d stand out as colourful (literally and figuratively) and engaging, appealing to an artistic, probably left-leaning audience. My target audience has more to do with hobbies and values than age and gender; although my mentioning of university and more mature hobbies such as body modification were an attempt at appealing at an audience that is teenage or older. This is due to my personal nature; I know that I will feel more comfortable and more authentically me if I develop an audience with minimal children, as some of the issues I care about and would like to discuss in the future contain adult themes such as sex. By exposing my colourful undercut and wearing heavy makeup I hoped to attract a more alternative, artistic and liberal crowd, and to portray a key feature of my personality right in the thumbnail. Speaking of the thumbnail, I designed it in a way to make me seem very friendly and approachable through my smile, rainbow and emoji. This is to maximise clicks from positive people.

The framing of my video was extremely deliberate. I utilised my phone’s grid function to ensure that my eyes were aligned with the upper horizontal line and the centre of my body was aligned with one of the vertical lines. This off-centre framing was intended to add interest to the image and draw attention to my face, as well as providing full view of the tapestry in the background. I showed my tapestry because it immediately tells the viewer something about me by itself; that I enjoy surrounding myself with art and love the night sky enough to hang it in my room. I used the LED lights on my mirror to properly and evenly light up my face; creating a more attractive image that people will be happy to look at for two minutes, drawing interest and attention to me, and highlighting my facial features and body language. I very consciously looked at the camera throughout most of the video, but let my eyes drift while I was in thought to create a more natural and easygoing vibe throughout. I also deliberately chose to not script my video, as I know that the less I plan, the more relaxed and fluent I’ll be in my delivery. I instead make a very vague list of things I wanted to touch on (my course, art, humanities, etc.) to find the happy medium where I am unscripted but stay on topic. I also concluded with a call to action to reignite viewer engagement; requesting that people comment and tell me about themselves.

The main issues I ran into with the production of this video were technical ones. Due to my difficulty in finding an effective and free video editing software for my PC, I decided to try a phone application as I only required minor trimming and polishing of my video. I tried several different apps to find one that was free and effective and ended up using Youcut by InShot Inc. However, I didn’t find transferring my PC editing skills to mobile to be highly intuitive. I struggled with learning how to use the app to split, trim and cut my video in the exact areas that I required to achieve a smooth final product, and therefore it took me significantly longer than it normally would to complete the video.

Overall, I was able to create an effective video using a new app and some strategic video-making techniques.

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